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        Talking about the principle and characteristics of induction cooker reel
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        Talking about the principle and characteristics of induction cooker reel

        The induction cooker has entered thousands of households, and the damage rate is also very high. About its principle. Explain. And maintenance information. There are many maintenance cases. For its key devices. IGBT tube, LM 339, CPU explain is very detailed. But the explanation of the induction cooker reel is not deep enough. Explain its nature, parameter data is still scarce, some do not have this information, most maintenance personnel have questions about its nature and parameters, such as: the number of turns of the coil of the coil. The additional magnetic on the coil The effect of the strip on the bobbin is split, not conjoined. What damage will its damage (fracture, aging, etc.) cause to the induction cooker itself, and what will be the impact of the number of turns when the bobbin is exchanged? What needs attention. Because the induction cooker reel is one of the important devices to complete the LC oscillation, it is to store and release electrical energy. There are electric field energy. A key device that converts to magnetic field energy. Induction cooker. The size of output power, the level of efficiency and the reel have a greater correlation. To this end, it should be necessary to further understand it. I will talk about my opinions on this issue, and give some inspiration to friends for your reference and discussion. The parameters of the wire reel are mainly two aspects: (1) is the inductance, (2) is the Q value. And the two parameters determine the outer diameter of the copper wire, the number of strands and the number of turns on the wire reel How much is the magnetic flux of the magnetic strip attached to the reel and the number of magnetic strips. When the reel has no magnetic stripe, to increase the inductance of the reel, the number of turns of the coil must be increased. (The number of strands and the number of turns) In this way, it not only wastes resources and improves the cost, but also increases the wire. Not conducive to output larger power. To this end, a magnetic stripe is added to increase its inductance. (The more the number of coils of the same number of coils is, the higher the inductance.) According to the information, there are 6 and 8 coils of magnetic coils in household induction cookers. See the figure below

        Two types, the number of coils, 28, 30, 32, turns. The most common is 28 circles. There are two types of induction cooker reels. The parameters are (1) Inductance PSD series is 157uH. (2) PD series is 140uH

        New-type induction cooker wire reel includes wire reel support, coil and magnetic strip. The coil includes outer ring coil and inner ring coil fixed on the wire reel support. The magnetic strip includes outer ring magnetic strip and inner ring magnetic strip corresponding to the coil. The ring magnetic stripe and the inner ring magnetic stripe are respectively distributed in a radial pattern, characterized in that the inner ring magnetic stripe and the outer ring magnetic stripe are distributed in a radial pattern, which makes the heating more uniform. Improve heating efficiency, reduce the leakage of magnetic field, and reduce the influence of the electromagnetic oven on the surrounding environment. About Q value; is the main parameter to measure inductive devices. Refers to the ratio of the inductive reactance of the inductor to its equivalent loss resistance when it operates at an AC voltage of a certain frequency. The higher the Q value of the inductor, the smaller the loss and the higher the efficiency. Everyone should know this! In addition, the magnetic stripe is split, not the whole reason. The magnetic stripe does not form eddy currents when the induction cooker is working, and the magnetic stripe is magnetically saturated. It is important to know that the inductance of the reel will be greatly reduced after the magnetic stripe is magnetically saturated. Damage to the IGBT tube.